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23 September 2011 @ 01:53 pm
It's the what-has-it-got-in-its-pocketses? meme  
After callunav did this after juliansinger started it.

There are whole blogs just dedicated to this question. I follow one "Everyday Carry" that is sort of minimalist survivalist (including lots of knife geekage and sometimes concealed handguns). There are several groups on flickr: "What's in your pocket?", "The Items We Carry", "Everyday Carry", "The Daily Dump", and at least one tag "whatsinyourbag". There's a fair amount of overlap, and I'm sure there are other groups and tags with similar stuff. Anyway, the point is that this is pr0n for some people. Hey, stop looking at me like that!

I did a "what's in your bag" for my bike a while back that I should refresh with the current list. Also did one for my bag when I was carrying one.

At the moment here's what I carry:

2 hankderchiefs, one in each back pocket.
iPhone 3GS in front right pocket.
Left front pocket:
- wad of cash
- many plastic and paper cards held together with a few hair bands (credit, license, loyalty, health, etc.)
- Leatherman micra with trashed scissors and dull knife
- the world's smallest AAA flashlight (DQG II)
- silver space pen
- key ring with house key, usb drive, case of Moo miniCards, and store card for a store I never go to which I should get rid of.

That's it! I'd like to carry a decent camera, but I don't want it enough to add a bag for it.