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21 August 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Jeez, has it really been nearly a year since I posted here? I guess so.

I've been almost obsessively keeping up with reading here and elsewhere, but not making any contributions with a few minor exceptions.

  • Stuff I would normally send to B as a "hey look at this" I've been instead posting to Facebook.

  • Very occasionally posting a picture to Flickr. Most just snapshots from my phone.

  • Keeping my books read list up to date on Goodreads

  • Keeping my concert plans and history up to date on SonicLiving (thanks for pointing that out, jennythe_reader). Currently have tickets for Amanda Palmer in September and Punch Brothers in November.

  • Most days I delete all the new spam off the Shadow Unit wiki. Subtractions count as contributions, right?

  • Rarely tweet.

I'm kind of stymied by too many options. Thinking about reviving my blog and just using that for everything.

So, anyway, hi.

How about you? Doing anything else-web that I should be following?

ETA: Goodreads! How'd I forget that?