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Mad Ramblings

by Jeff Youngstrom

Jeff Youngstrom
8 April 1966
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I was born in Santa Monica, CA, lived in Sunnyvale, CA until first grade when we moved to Sonora, CA. Moved to Turlock after junior college. Got married and moved to Sunnyvale, CA. Moved to Issaquah, WA just outside Seattle and live there still.

I'm a classic INTP.

I'm strongly obsessive and mildly compulsive.

I don't watch television (except for select shows on DVD).

I don't own a car.

I used to say I was a fan of SF fandom (I don't generally go to cons or otherwise participate in fanac, I just read the journals/blogs of people who do), but then Shadow Unit got its grimy hooks into me. I'm jeffy on the SU boards as I am most other places on the intarwebs.

Friends policy: I friend people whose writing I enjoy. You probably don't know me. If your writing stops pushing my buttons I might take you off my list. Don't take this personally, it's all about me. I don't have any expectation of reciprocity, so don't obsess. This is a drama-free zone.