See ya

There's only a few people I follow here who are still posting here and it seems that all but one of you is posting the same content on Dreamwidth so I'm done. The one outlier is added to my RSS reader and with that I've no reason to check in here anymore. So long, LJ.


You could be forgiven for thinking that I abandoned this LJ years ago. While I haven't posted in years, I still read my friends feed daily. For now, I'm decamped to Dreamwidth with the lion's share of my network. That I'm jeffy over there is an added bonus.

I'm strongly sympathetic to the subset of you who are moving to your own sites, and I've been diligently adding you to my RSS subscriptions (I use feedbin these days). I've been debating adding my LJ archive to my blog, but there was a reason I had separate content on separate sites. This is good impetus for meditating on those reasons and their continued viability.

Also, has anyone else noticed that all those many question meme posts we used to do here are like a handbook for guessing people's security question answers? Probably deleting those posts everywhere.

BTW if you're looking for a way to archive your LJ, I ended up using a Windows doodad called ljarchive. The widely available version doesn't work, but this random version from a comment in the ljarchive community did for me. It has an option to generate a single page html archive of your entire journal (including comments).